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Powershell script to MSI Package

I have powershell script which creates and rename local users on machine. Script basically reads the CSV file and all the user infos and Passwords are locted in the csv file. 

I would like to create a MSI package from it. 

Any one knows and if someone could create a step by step guide for me. Many thanks.

I am using AdminStudio 2022

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Hi @RAK4you -

Windows Installer (MSI) packages are for installing applications onto an Windows endpoint.  If you only need to run administrative actions like what you've described your PowerShell script accomplishes, I would stay with using the script to perform this and look at method for running PowerShell scripts remotely as an admin.  An MSI package is not a format to be used as a wrapper to run admin commands and actions without an application being installed.

However, if you want to perform this action as part of the required steps in the installation for an application to run and operate correctly, you can leverage the PowerShell Custom Action option for MSI and Transform projects within the InstallShield Editor included in AdminStudio.

Also, be careful with including sensitive data like username / password credential pairs that could be found and abused by outside actors, be it as part of a script or installation.

Hope that helps

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First of all Thank you.
There is no existing application and I just want to create a new msi file. This script is not a part of any installation. We have some offline computers which need to have msi file as scripts are per company policy not allowed. So here my question again, I want to create a msi file from script. What can I do? Thanks