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By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran

When I make MSI using developer..It create the MSI with zero error and warning...

Now If I apply "Full MSI Validation Rule", It gives the following error.....Can any body suggest me the solution....

ICE30 Error The target file 'mkmrep~1.dll|mkmrepobj.dll' is installed in '[ProgramFilesFolder]\Reuters\Kobra\Program\' by two different components on an SFN system: 'mkmrepobj.dll' and 'mkmrepserv.dll'.
This breaks component reference counting.

http://dartools/iceman/ice30.html File File
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Take a look at the DOS 8.3 names...I believe the system is referencing both of the files as the same because of the DOS names. Try changing one of them to ~2.dll...might work. but don'T quote me on that 😉
By Level 11 Flexeran
Level 11 Flexeran
ICE30 validates that the installation of components containing the same file never installs the file more than once in the same directory.

ICE30 goes to every component in the Component table and then determines the component's target directory from the Directory table. It then checks to see which of these components install to the same target directory. Finally, it uses the File table to verify that none of the files in these components have the same name.

ICE30 checks for both long filenames (LFN) and short file names (SFN).

What you should look for are the components that have same files and when using short file names these components installs the files in the same directory.

You can find more information and an example for ICE30 failure at