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Can users have a restricted view of the dashboard?

Can users have a restricted view of the dashboard?

When you invite a user to access your product you are asked to choose which access permissions will be applied to this user. To invite a new user or edit the permissions of an existing user log in to the Usage Intelligence Dashboard, from the top-right menu navigate to the Administration page, and under Product Settings click on Users & Permissions.

The following is a list of the available permissions:

Product Administrator

  • Gives the user full access to the product, including permission to delete data and block clients / IP addresses.

User Management

  • Permission to view the User Management pages, invite new users, and update/delete current users available only to product administrators. Read-Only permission allows non-admin users to view current users without making changes or adding new users.


  • Permission to access all reporting and analytics pages, including exported data.


  • Permission to manage ReachOut campaigns. Read-Only permission allows users to view campaign details without making changes.


  • Permission to access product configuration settings and full reporting, including call home URL, AES key, and event allowed. Read-Only permission allows users to view product settings without making changes.

License Key Management 

  • Permission to access the license key registry including adding, updating, and deleting license keys and updating registry settings. Read-Only permission allows users to view the license keys and settings only.

License Key Filtering 

  • Allows users to view license keys in filters, reports, and ReachOut campaigns.

Quota Usage 

  • Permission to view the quota usage information.


  • Permission to view and change billing details, payment methods, and invoices. Read-Only permission allows users to view billing info without making any changes.

Reporting API 

  • Permission to access the reports and analytics data via the Web API.

NOTE: Access to reporting via the Usage Intelligence Dashboard cannot be further broken down to specific reports. However, it is possible to request analytics data via the Reporting Web API to build custom charts or display in 3rd party systems. Documentation for the Reporting API is available here.  

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