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Subject: Request for Authentication Process Clarification and Issue Reporting for API Data Retrieval

Dear Revenera Community,

I am currently integrating the Usage Intelligence Reporting API into our system and have encountered a challenge with the authentication process, specifically regarding the expected header parameters for the API requests. In addition, I am using Python for the implementation, and I have encountered an error with the code "400.002.002" stating "Cookie Missing". Could you guide me on how to correctly set up the authentication headers, and also advise on the correct handling of cookies within Python to avoid this error?

The areas needing clarification are:

1. **Content-Type**: Should this be `application/json` for all requests?
2. **RUI-Client**: Should this be the name of our application?
3. **RUI-Client-Version**: Does this refer to the API version or our application's version?
4. **Origin**: Should we use `` or our application's URL?

Your guidance on these matters would be greatly appreciated to ensure a smooth integration process.

Best regards,

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There is an additional step required, and we will update the documentation accordingly. Since most of our team is on holiday due to the region's public holiday schedule, we will be able to assist you by end of this week or early next week. In the meantime, could you please create a support ticket?

Thank you,


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We have updated the v3 API documentation with additional instructions required for authentication. 


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