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Reset Event Usage Timeline

Hi Team,

as we started to use usage intelligence in our app, we played around a bit with the events. We hat a not so good idea and flooded your API with a ton of different event names. We removed the bad code meanwhile, but the event usage timeline is not usable for us, because there are this strange events in it.

In the administration we tried to remove tracking of these old events and get only a couple "really designed" events. But administration shows only the first 3000 event names which where tracked.

So is there any way to see more than 3000 events in the backend to disable them all? Or could you reset to event tracking at all, to get rid of this old trash?

Best regards


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Hi anmuwk,

Please provide your product ID for which you want to reset the list of tracked events.

Note: Once you remove a feature from the list, you are indicating to Usage Intelligence that you are no longer interested in this feature's usage data. All tracking data collected about this feature usage will be permanently discarded and it is no longer possible to generate reports based on historical data for this feature. Should you choose to re-enable feature tracking for a previously disabled feature, feature usage collection will start again from the moment you save the new list.



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