SVM July Update

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For our on-prem customers, a new update is now available. Most of this was originally called out as updates to our cloud update in June, but is now available to on-prem customers by downloading the latest version installation package, or virtual appliance. 


Historical Trend Reporting

We are now shipping a utility within the SVM Toolkit that can collect data from your SVM account into a local SQL database. Such will allow you to store as much historical data as you wish, for as long as you wish. To help capitalize on this data, we are also providing PowerBI templates to help explore this data so you can better analyze longer term details of your vulnerability status. We intend to improve upon this with your feedback, so please come to the community Forums or Ideas to share your thoughts!



After installing the SVM Toolkit, you’ll find the provided PowerBI templates at "C:\Program Files\Flexera Software\Client Toolkit\Client Data\Report Templates\Power BI\"

Click here to read an article which provides more details along with a video on how to take advantage of this new capability.


Intune Integration Improvements

We have enhanced our Intune integration to allow group assignment within the SVM Patch Daemon.




Updates to this newly released version of SVM on-prem include,

  • As previously announced, we are correcting a problem with the EOL status reported when assessing older Microsoft products. We are working to prioritize an update for SVM on-prem to address this as well.
  • Some customers were experiencing problems with report generation. This has been resolved and we are now proactively monitoring for report failures to respond more quickly in the future.
    • Additional back-end improvements are underway in an effort to further improve performance of smart group processing.
  • Other bugs and fixes (see release notes for details)
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