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SVM API "List Scan Result for Each Host"

I’m using the API and I noticed that with the “List Scan Result for Each Host” query ( only allows us to search by “device_id”. Is there a way we are able to search by device name?

or some way to determine what the "device_id" is from the device name? or would this be an enhancement request?

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Level 3 Flexeran


To get device id from device name, use the following API. This is "All Hosts" smartgroup API. From the API response, 'nsi_device_id' json node have device id

api/?action=smart_groups&which=getSmartGroupContents&smartGroupTextType=host&smartGroupId=<1>&?_dc=1663230490412&host_name=<Device Name>&page=1&start=0&limit=30&sorters=[{"field":"host_name","direction":"ASC"}]

Pass smartGroupId and host_name as required.

A sample code to get device details from device id is listed here -



Anish Mohan

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