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Secunia Research can reject software vulnerability reports by other vendors or public sources under the following circumstances:

  • The exploitation of the vulnerability, as reported by the original public reporters, is not realistic.
  • The vulnerability exploitation requires violation of security best practices.
  • The vulnerability exploitation requirement requires another vulnerability to be exploited first, enabling an attack vector for the secondary exploitation.

Rejected vulnerabilities are listed in special advisories referred to as "rejection notices." Following the instructions below, you can enable or disable the visibility of the rejection notice advisories.


  1. Log into your Software Vulnerability Reseach software account at
  2. Select Settings on the bottom, left.

settings svr.png

  1. Select the Account tab > Account Options.

    account options.png

  2. Use the Rejected advisories visibility drop-down menu to select either Hide rejected advisories or Show rejected advisories.

rejected advisories.png

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Level 2

Very helpful.

Errata: In the first sentence of the "Question:" section, the word "mandatory" does not seem to fit.  In the last sentence of that section, it looks like the word "do" is needed between "you" and "that".

Thank you.


By Level 7 Flexeran
Level 7 Flexeran

Hi @jaguilar 


Thank you for the feedback.

I will revise the KB.


Kind regards,

James Ellis

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