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Splash Screen and Icon for InstallScript project.

Splash Screen and Icon for InstallScript project.


Identifies the specific requirement for InstallScript projects using a splash screen


The InstallScript project type has name and file type requirements when implementing a splash screen.


A Splash Screen is added to your project and is a startup graphic. This graphic is displayed when the end user begins the installation.

In InstallScript projects, you can use .bmp and .gif files as splash screen files. You include the file(s) to the appropriate language-specific or language-independent folder.

In an InstallScript project, the splash screen file must be named Setup.bmp or Setup.gif.

It is important to note there are different requirements for a project type InstallScript MSI. The file name requirement does not apply to InstallScript MSI projects and only .bmp files can be used as splash screen files.

Additional Information

Please reference: Support Files/Billboards View (InstallScript and InstallScript MSI Projects)
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