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InstallShield 2013 Reactivation Problems Hotfix

InstallShield 2013 Reactivation Problems Hotfix


This article contains an Update for a known problem affecting InstallShield 2013 reactivations. This problem can cause Error 50040 during reactivation and put the InstallShield application in an endless activation loop.


When InstallShield 2013 has been installed on a machine for 12 months, you may be prompted to reactivate when you try to launch the software. Reactivation is the process by which an activated product is checked to verify that it is still installed according to the InstallShield EULA (End User License Agreement), and that it has not been activated on more machines than allowed.

This update was released to address an issue that was identified that prevented successful reactivation of InstallShield 2013. You may see error 50040 and other errors when you try to activate. Or you may receive a window advising that InstallShield has successfully activated, only to be greeted with the activation window again next time you launch the software.


To install the update you can use the Tools > Check for Updates option in the InstallShield IDE. For the update to be visible you will need to have InstallShield 2013 SP1 installed.

If you cannot access the InstallShield IDE you can also use the Software Manager by launching 'Software Updates' from the Start menu or running ISUSPM.exe directly from C:\ProgramData\FLEXnet\Connect\11\.

If neither of these options work for you, you can download and apply the updates manually from the below links. Install the Service Pack first, then the Reactivation Update.

InstallShield 2013 Service Pack 1

InstallShield 2013 Reactivation Update

InstallShield 2013 Reactivation Update (Japanese)

After installing the above updates, InstallShield should launch successfully.

Additional Information

If you are still having trouble with the reactivation after installing the above updates then please contact Flexera Support with your product serial number and full details of what you have tried and how the software is behaving. A support case will be raised automatically and you will be emailed by a member of our support team to continue troubleshooting. Sending multiple emails may delay the response.
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