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Uninstall a service in with Multiple instance feature

Hi, I have a problem in multiple instance when uninstalling one of the instance. Everything get remove properly except for the service in windows service. The files, folder, entry in add/remove program are getting remove but not the service. I have set a key file on my sercice executable and set the uninstall event to uninstall stop and uninstall delete. I have also set the wait type to wait for the event to complete. All of my component are set to not be share.

Is there something I am missing or is this and install shield/msi bug for multiple instance msi. In my log file it doing the event for stoping and deleting services, but I think it does not look for them with the proper service name since I change it on install.

Anyone face that issue?


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I am experiencing this same issue. If I uninstall the initial instance, the service is properly removed. If it's a multi-instance installation, the Windows service remains on uninstall. Did you find a resolution?

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We managed to find a solution, but it is a little bit complicated. Maybe there are better / easier ways to resolve the problem.

Here is what we’ve done:

  1. We created a vbscript file that stops and uninstalls the service and added it to the package. Here is the code

Option Explicit


On Error Resume Next


Dim objWshShell


Set objWshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")


objWshShell.Run "sc stop <YourServiceInstanceName>",0,true

objWshShell.Run "sc delete <YourServiceInstanceName>",0,true


Set objWshShell = Nothing

  1. Then we added to Text File Changes a replacement rule in order to replace <YourServiceInstanceName> with the specific service instance name.

NOTE: This is a unique service identifier that you use. It may be different from service display name.

  1. After that we created a custom action to call the VBScript file and added it to Exec Sequence after InstallValidate with condition REMOVE=”ALL”
  2. In service definition in components > advanced we removed events to stop and uninstall the service, because now it is done with the script mentioned above. That’s important, because when uninstaller can’t find a service on uninstallation, it requires reboot.

That’s it. Hope it helps.

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