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The good 'ol Mapped Network Drives issue

Greetings all,

I have an InstallShield project which lets a user choose where to find specific files needed for the app. Unfortunately, InstallShield doesn't see mapped network drives due to the documented issue with UAC.

I know that the answer is to create a Registry Key (EnableLinkedConnections) in the appropriate place; however, I'm trying without success to do this within the install so that change is seen immediately. With this issue being around for so long, I'm guessing a solution has been found to address this, but I've not found it (or I'm missing something obvious).

How should I handle this?

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Hey Fletch,

I'm rarely here so I may not see a follow-up but this is a fundamental security feature of Windows and as you seem to be aware has been around since Vista fifteen years ago. We have the same problem and I explain to customers that this is a known issue and have them try starting Notepad as an administrator to show them it's not a problem with our installer.

Your options are to have the changes to the network path happen in the app if possible instead or just have it be a documented issue.



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