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Stop InstallShield from creating folders that are marked for deletion when empty on clean install?

Hello All,

This may be a stupid question, but, I am stumped.

I have a Basic MSI project and in the upcoming release, there is a series of five subfolders that need to be removed along with their contents during upgrade.

In each component, I added RemoveFile records to remove the files, and added a RemoveFile record to remove the parent folder when empty.

The problem I am having is, when doing a "clean" install, i.e. not an upgrade, these subfolders are being created. Of course the files don't get copied to them, because they don't exist, but the folders get made anyway.

My question is, how does one stop InstallShield from creating these empty folders on a new install?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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Could you just remove the components responsible for creating the folders from your projects?
Then instead of adding a File Removal to the component- use the "RemoveFile" table in the Direct Editor section of your project.

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Hi @shunt ,

Thanks for the reply. 

In my experience, deleting components breaks upgrades and patches, which we heavily rely on. 

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The removal of Components is not supported within Minor Upgrades (and Patches) - however it is fully supported in Major Upgrades. This could be something for you to explore - 

How to Configure a Major Upgrade: to Configure a Major Upgrade

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