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Keep ISSetupPrerequisites-Folder when Extrac From Setup.exe is specified

Is there a way to extract PRQs from Setup.exe while keeping the ISSetupPrerequisites-Folder?
Alternatively I would like an option to extract the PRQs.exe files to a custom directory.
Right now Bootstrapper.exe copies them to the local temp folder and deletes the files after the installation has finished.

Is there a way to specify or control this behaviour?

Thanks in advance for any insights!

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @m_fischler,

Thank you for your post.

I suggest trying this command:

setup.exe /a"C:\TEMP\SetupPrerequisites" /s /v"/qn TARGETDIR=\"C:\TEMP\MainInstall\"

I tested and confirmed that this command worked for me. The setup prerequisite was extracted to the C:\TEMP\SetupPrerequisites directory. The main installer was extracted to the C:\TEMP\MainInstall directory. If you want to, the administrative install supports extracting both the setup prerequisites and the main installer to the same directory. You just need to specify the same directory for both locations. It does not look like there is a way to preserve the parent ISSetupPrerequisites directory, however. The GUID folder containing the prerequisite is preserved.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks!

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