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InTune Silent install

It's not my program but it's one we use internally and distribute via inTune and company portal.  It requires a total silent install.  I've search high and low and all the solutions I find don't work for the silent install.  Let me explain.

I have a EXE file when ran lauches InstallShield Wizard and installs the files.  Let's call it MyProgSetup.exe

I tried to create an answer file using the  -r  and /r  but neither worked. Next, I used 7zip to extract the contents of the file.  It extracted several files such as setup.exe, setup.ini and some cab files.

Now, if I use that extracted setup file like:   setup.exe -r   it will create a setup.iss in the Windows folder.  Great.

If I run that setup.exe -s -f1setup.iss   then a perfect silent install occurs.  Great!

So how do I use this in the compressed install exe file.    MyProgramSetup.exe   (which contains all the files I mentions).

If I try to use MyProgramSetup /s /f1"setup.iss"   then I get a goofy message stating drive f1 isn't large enough.

I tried it with hyphens also.  Any help would be most appreciated.


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Level 6

Try using the full path to the file in /f1"c:\path\to\setup.iss"


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I did:

MySetupProg /s /f1"d:\setup.iss"

Sorry, Drive F1 is not large enough to install this program.......


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wsd_setup_v705 /s /f1"D:\setup.iss"



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Level 3

No other ideas?  I'm not educated in all the different InstallShield installer types so I have no clue.  I read of exe and script and msi.  But none of the switches for exe work unless I physically disect the installer exe file and get to the setup.exe inside.

Is there any chance I can modify the setup.ini, then insert the data back into the exe so it will always run silent?  I saw where it can be done but there weren't any examples on how to do it by hand in the ini file.

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I don't have any other ideas, but "It's not my program but" is possibly the start of the problem. We have no issues using -r and -s -f1"..." for creating and using .iss files for installers we have full control of.

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Well then, I will just gut the files from the exe and then repackage.  This is working doing it that way. 

Btw, Digging into the hex dump, this seems to be using the InstallShield Engine version 6.  When using  Process Explorer, it appears none of command line switches make it to the internal setup.exe file so that explains why they don't work unless I extract all the contents then do it.


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