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Failing to restart install on reboot

I'm having an issue where our installer installs some C++ redistributables then says it needs to reboot. You accept it, let the computer reboot, and then the installer simply does not continue. A few of my coworkers have investigated and it appears InstallShield is putting the value in the RunOnce registry double double quoted ""like this"". It also appears, this only causes a failure when the installer has a space in it. Installer.exe works fine, Installer (1).exe fails. Is there any way to fix this?

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What version of installshield you are using IS2018 or 2020 or 2021? Could you please provide a screenshot of your Help > About InstallShield screen from your copy of InstallShield that you are using to configure the affected project? This allows me to match the InstallShield service pack level and edition

Are you facing this issue in all machine or only specific machine?



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2018 R2. It happens on many machines which is why we noticed it. My coworker's investigation suggests it happens when the installer has a space in it, but not when it has no spaces.

[screenshot removed]

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Thank you for your post.

A support ticket (case) needs to be opened for this issue. Could you please open a case with our Support Team about this issue by email at Or by phone at+91 80 6122 6900

When raising a case make sure you have sample project to replicate the issue, or steps to reproduce this issue.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks!

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Please hide the activation code in screenshot or remove the screenshot, showing activation code public is not advisable. 

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You literally advised me to...

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I can confirm this is a problem for us too - I never knew what the problem was, but having a space in the setup .exe name is the issue!

InstallShield version:  2020 R3 SP1

Project type:  InstallScript Only

Redistributable: Microsoft Visual C++ 2019 Redistributable Package (x64)

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 Thanks for your response and explaining the issue,

We have already fixed the issue for setup contains space not launching after reboot, in our IS2016SP2 itself for Basic MSI and Installscript MSI and we havent seen this issue for Installscript,

If you are still facing this issue with IS2020R3SP1 for installscript Project, Please raise a case with support  

You can refer below release notes for IS2016SP2 for issue number : IOJ-1817415

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