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Exit after MD5 check failed.


When running a suite installer that downloads packages from the Internet, when the MD5 check fails for one or more packages (in fact, in our case, all packages downloads were failing), the installer continues and proceeds with actions scheduled in OnPackageConfiguring.

I can see in the log, all the 0x80040705 error codes.
Checking file MD5: expected MD5: '2E648F02D176C160D5763853D1B5D6F6', file MD5: '15688C11955B0ACA13E00432EF2113EE'
11-13-2023[09:05:08 AM]: Existing file does not have valid MD5, attempting to remove existing file and re-stage
11-13-2023[09:05:09 AM]: File stage status: 0
11-13-2023[09:05:09 AM]: Checking file MD5: expected MD5: '2E648F02D176C160D5763853D1B5D6F6', file MD5: '4C803414F055B140ACA9352B93765297'
11-13-2023[09:05:09 AM]: Engine: exception status 80040705 while staging parcels
11-13-2023[09:05:09 AM]: Error code: 0x80040705

How can I stop the installation right after it encounters a MD5 check error?

Thank you!

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@ckari_genetec  : is it happening for both primary package and the dependency package ?

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Yes, for all packages.

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