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Disable logging to prevent files being removed during uninstallation

I have a backup folder created during the installation, but it got removed by the uninstaller. 

Based on the document, we can call the Disable(LOGGING) to disable logging for uninstallation but this does NOT work as advertised. 

Below is a code snippet:

Disable (LOGGING);

backupConfigFolder(); // create a backup folder and copy the backup files to this folder

Enable (LOGGING);



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  You have script to copy the folder before uninstall to new path? like C:\test to C:\test1 and on uninstalling the project custom created folder C:\test1 is getting deleted, is my understanding correct?

If yes, could you please check is C:\test1 folder created is part of the ism, if yes, then its expected the folder will be deleted on uninstallation, if the folder is created by customaction then it wont uninstall, 

Could you please try the xcopy file function to copy the file to back up folder and see it works for  you


Hope it helps

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