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Level 2

CustomSetup doesn't display any features

I have a Basic MSI project and I'm trying to change it so that the user can choose which features to install. Previously, everything was just automatically installed. I added a CustomSetup before CostFinalize in the Installation User Interface Sequence (under Custom Actions and Sequences) but none of my features are displayed when I get to the CustomSetup part of the install steps. I've attached a screenshot. For all of my features, the display is "Visible" (some of them are Visible and Collapsed, some are Visible and Expanded). They also all have an Install Level of greater than 0 so they shouldn't be hidden. It feels like there's a step I'm missing or something. I've tried searching online for this specific problem and also for tutorials on the use of CustomSetup but I can't seem to find anything that has helped. Can anyone please help point me in the right direction? Is there another setting I haven't looked at that could be hiding the features? Or is there a step I missed that would properly fill the Selection Tree with the features?

I'm using InstallShield 2023 if that helps.

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Level 6

The CostFinalize action must be executed before starting any user interface sequence which allows the user to view or modify Feature table selections or directories.

Please insert your dialog in the Next/Back dialog sequence that starts with the InstallWelcome dialog

Stefan Krueger /
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