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Use OS Java to build an installer instead of the InstallAnywhere embedded Java on Linux

We currently use InstallAnywhere 2020 and are trying to move to InstallAnywhere 2023 because the lifecycle of InstallAnywhere 2020 ended on 2023-10-04.

Our application is built and deployed in an environment with Java 8. The InstallAnywhere-embedded Java for InstallAnywhere 2023 is Java 11. Therefore, the installer built with InstallAnywhere 2023 fails to run in our target environment.

Our build environment is:

- RHEL 8.4

- Installed Java: RHEL OpenJDK 1.8.0_402-b06

- InstallAnywhere 2023

- InstallAnywhere 2023 embedded Java version: (Amazon-built, under "$IA_HOME/jre/bin")


Is there an option to build the installer with a specific Java version by setting the environment variable JAVA_HOME/java.home or the IA property so that we can use InstallAnywhere 2023 to build a Linux installer with Java 8 instead of Java 11?


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InstallAnywhere 2023 supports Java 11 on wards, it will not support java 8.

If you face any issues with Java 11, please paste the error message.

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