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How to modify the installer classpath

I am using IA 2020 for creating java based, highly customized windows installer exe. I have few signed jars which are added as dependencies to some of the CustomCodeActions. While running the installer, these jars get extracted into user temp directory, just besides InstallerData\ If I use JDK15 or below as installer runtime JVM, these signed jars get picked up properly. If I use JDK 16 and above, installer fails with ClassNotFoundException for the classes which are present inside signed jar.

I tried to modify the .lax file present besides the exe extracted into user temp directory to include the signed jars and re-ran the modified installer from user temp directory. This time it worked for JDK 16 and above, so clearly it was unable to locate the signed jars for JDK 16+.

Pristine classpath property in .lax file (fails with JDK 16+):


Modified classpath property in .lax file (works with JDK 16+):

lax.class.path=../InstallerData/;../InstallerData/;InstallerData/;../InstallerData/;InstallerData/;../InstallerData/*;InstallerData (notice /* in bold)

I think I need to do one of the following to resolve the issue:

1. Find out the way to specify some option in iap_xml project file to modify/append the classpath as desired (i.e. the property lax.class.path)

2. Update IA to latest version which would hopefully support JDK 16+ as runtime JVM and recognize signed jar dependencies like it is doing today for JDK 15 or below

Could anyone please suggest me a solution for this?

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