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Does InstallAnywhere 2023 R2 Support Two Linux System Architectures in a Single Project?

We have been using InstallAnywhere for many years to build the multiplatform installers for our product.  Our product runs on Windows x64, AIX ppc64, Linux x64, and Linux s390x.  InstallAnywhere has been working great on those system architectures until we upgraded to InstallAnywhere 2023 R2. 

All of those 4 system architectures are supported with a single InstallAnywhere project file.  We use one speedFolder action to pick up files at build-time from a folder of a specific architecture.  We use separate speedFolder actions in the order of Windows x64, AIX ppc64, Linux x64 and Linux s390x.  With this approach, all files are installed properly on the target platforms with all versions of InstallAnywhere up to 2022.

When the project file is upgraded to InstallAnywhere 2023, the speedFolder actions for Windows, AIX and the first Linux architecture (in our case Linux x64) in the project file still work fine.  However the speedFolder for the second Linux architecture (Linux s390x) does not.  Many files were installed as zero byte files.  If two speedFolder action order is reversed with Linux s390x first and Linux x64 second, Linux s390x files are now installed with proper sizes, but many files for Linux x64 are now zero bytes.

Has anyone seen this problem?  Is this a known issue?

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