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Where to find IP, CPU and MAC address for a network interface!

Where to find IP, CPU and MAC address for a network interface!

This article highlights how to find information such as IP, CPU and MAC address for each network interface.

Please follow the following instructions to complete this action.

The asset section shall highlight all assets within your environment, along with multiple IP NIC configuration addresses. Please go to Consume Intelligence and click on Assets:





Find a Host that you're looking to seek further information by using the filtering option and copy the Main IP address.





Open Device details under Consume Intelligence and paste the IP address in the search bar. Please ensure that you click the device to display.








At the bottom of the page, there is a table with six sections that contains information about the device.




Application Details shall highlight the overall performance of the device.




Physical Disk details will show the physical output configuration data, along with device utilization such as Free space.



Logic **bleep** details will highlight logistical data and any additional Disc types that have been added, along with the percentage of performance utilization.




Issue Details section shall feature information on any problems that have occurred on the device. 



 Network interface section will highlight CPU, Subnet Mask and MAC information that has been collected within the discovery phase.




Lastly, workload details will show information about the operating system, how many network configurations.





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