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How to find stack membership help!

How to find stack membership help!

This article highlights how to find stack membership help. You can view the stack membership documentation by selecting the "?" icon at the top right of the screen. A pop-up window will display the documentation as you hover your mouse cursor over each section.

The platform will provide an asset ID when the device is discovered. You can find each asset ID by exporting the Assets list into a CSV. You can also select 'download CSV' on the stack membership page to get a listing of assets with 'asset IDs'.

Download the CSV for a template with the correct formatting. You will need to create a separate row one for each stack. This feature will allow you to add/remove devices. Please see the example below:

"uid:2997032518 unknown - out of scope "RSS-Out Of Scope Services" "RISC Service Group: a Service-Oriented Architecture Stack".

For further information please see link below to 'Building application stacks' that will provide steps for building application stacks:

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