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Unable to install FNMS agent on Ubuntu machine

Hi There,

We were unable to install FNMS agent on Ubuntu 18.x device. It gives the below error. 

# ./installagent.sh

Installing the FlexNet inventory agent

./installagent.sh: 146: rpm: not found

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Please use the .deb (Debian) packaged agent for Ubuntu.


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Hi @JohnSorensenDK 

while using .deb to install. when you execute ndschedag -e. You can only see Generate Inventory... You won't see Update machine Policy, update client settings, upload client files
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Hi ,

Seems you have done installation with binaries only. you have missed to configure Bootstrap. 


Refer page no 71

Agent third-party deployment: Configuring
Installations on UNIX-like Platforms
This section includes information on preparing and deploying your bootstrap configuration file, and installing the
FlexNet inventory agent on UNIX-like platforms.
Agent third-party deployment: Configure the Bootstrap File for
The initial configuration of the FlexNet inventory agent can be set for UNIX-like platforms, even though no template
file is provided.
For UNIX and OS X, there is no sample bootstrap configuration file available through the central application server.
Instead, you can prepare your customized bootstrap configuration file as follows:
To prepare a mgsft_rollout_response file:
1. Copy the sample text from Agent third-party deployment: Sample UNIX Bootstrap Configuration File into your
preferred flat-text editor on a UNIX-like platform.

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File name must be like below 


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