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ServiceNow and Flexera Integration Issue - Flexera Software table not populating

After installing Flexera Integration plug-in in our ServiceNow Development environment as per https://docs.flexera.com/flexera/EN/ITAssets/ConfigSvcNowInvConnctn.htm?web=1&wdLOR=c559066DD-DD1D-4... we are able to view data in Flexera Computers table and Flexera Software Installations table but not in Flexera Softwares table. We want to know why nothing is populating in the Flexera Softwares tables.

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Hi Ebarroso,

HAve you checked the validation at the bottom of the link and ensured that the environment is correct in terms of the supported configuration? There are requirements for this integration to work.

If you have, and the environment is as it should be, please raise a support ticket to investigate this - our Engineers will get to the bottom of it. Please add the CSV file you have in the validation step as part of the issue.