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SaaS Manager - Salesforce integration tasks in error state

Hi All,

Has anyone noticed that all of their Salesforce integrations (SF, AppExchange, Marketing Cloud) are all in an error state?  It may or may not be related to the recent change:

The fix is to re-authorize the integrations but it's a bit time consuming.  You won't be alerted that the tasks are failing so you'll need to check each one.


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Level 7 Champion


I also noticed something similar in the past , faded memory was O365/M365 when there are some new 'feature' (enhanced to include Mailbox size etc), after the release the next day import failed. As said it's nothing changed so re-authentication just solve the issue. Hence I didn't raise support call.

But if we are seeing more , I think maybe better to draw the vendor team attention as the client will expect a seamless monthly release here :).





It turned out to be a much wider issue that was affecting all integrations in the EU instance of Flexera One.  I only noticed it for Salesforce as I was specifically looking at them.  Once the issue was resolved the integrations resumed.  There was a note on detailing all this but it's since been removed.

I'm willing to concede that this wasn't caused by the Salesforce changes as it didn't affect the US instance and was just a coincidence.



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There was a note on detailing all this but it's since been removed.

It sounds like you saw the following incident (which is now listed under the "Past Incidents" section on😞 Flexera One – Saas Manager – EU – Scheduled Integration Tasks were Failing.

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