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IT Visbility Module

What is the maximum number of lines that can be viewed in IT Vibislity Module

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Community Manager
Can you elaborate on what you mean by a "line"?
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How many register can be displayed, for example when I´m trying to create a report using the Data Explorer, some times I saw the message " TOO MANY DATA POINTS TO DISPLAY, Try applying one or more filters."

I get that error when I go over 20 items while trying to show a Pie Chart

Did you try with a table?, to see how many register /rows can you see?

@javemore1977 I don't think there's a limit to rows in the grid. You can drop in the 'machine name' property and it'll show every computer in your inventory.

Try it out.



Thank you Jason, I´ve added the field machine name, but the problem came when I added the field application, the only way that I can saw the information, it was when I added the field Manufacturer in the filter section and I filtered by some manufacturs, but if I removed the field Manufacturer from the filter section, the message aaprears again " TOO MANY DATA POINTS TO DISPLAY, Try applying one or more filters."