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How to get access to the latest inventory agent version 18.6 ?

Hi all,

We have 18.5 inventory agent version deployed on our devices and we are facing a bug that seams to be fixed in the 18.6. (Fix for the issue of missing evidence from directories with the same name on different drives)

I have changed in FO/ITAM inventory setting to allow the latest version of the agent but the latest version available is still the 18.5 version.

Is there a solution to get access asap to this new agent version ?


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Level 15 Flexeran
Level 15 Flexeran

@Run4Fun - Version 18.6 of the agent has not been released yet.  The current version in Flexera One ITAM is 18.5

The next release of Flexera One ITAM (2022 R1.6) is scheduled for release in EMEA on September 21 and is scheduled for NAM on September 28.

Hi @kclausen, thanks for this information.
I thought it would be possible to install the agent earlier, because we have lost several applications and file evidences in our environment ...  we will have to wait a couples of days.

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Level 7 Flexeran

You can download the 18.6 version of the agent from your UAT org as that was upgraded last week.

Now you can able to access 🙂