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Flexera One Blog

Flexera One Blog

Inventory Normalization Statistics

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Viewing Inventory Normalization Statistics Inventory Normalization Statistics provide insights as to how hardware and software inventory has been normalized. These statistics can be found in Flexera One by navigating to the Data Collection menu. From...
by Flexera dwampach1 Flexera

Better IT visibility for better threat defense

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It’s no secret that information technology is in rapid flux. Digital transformation and the demands of a post-COVID world are causing software asset management (SAM) and configuration management databases (CMBD) to evolve toward a hybrid view of what...
by Flexera kmillerFlex Flexera

Microsoft Vendor Workspace

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The Microsoft Vendor Workspace provides an overall view of the spend for Microsoft licenses (on-premise and SaaS), hardware, and Azure cloud. This workspace also displays your organization’s Microsoft contracts due for renewal and due to expire to he...
by Flexera dwampach1 Flexera

Auto-Populated Salesforce License Information

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The Flexera One integration with Salesforce offers a License Information integration task that automatically retrieves the Salesforce license name and total allowed number of licenses. This retrieved Salesforce license information automatically popul...
by Flexera dwampach1 Flexera

Salesforce Overview Tab

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When your organization has multiple Salesforce instances integrated with Flexera One, a grouping row appears with all Salesforce data aggregated in the Managed SaaS Applications screen. After clicking the Salesforce grouping row link, the Salesforce ...
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