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Extended & Signed IBM License Consumption Audit Reports Generation

Level 8 Flexeran
Level 8 Flexeran
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I am delighted to announce we have extended and simplified IBM license consumption audit reports generation. Now Flexera One ITAM provides a one-click option to generate a signed snapshot of the IBM license consumption audit reports, generated package includes the relevant information required for IBM renewal discussions.  We have also added separate peak and current consumption reports for IBM non-cloud pack product/s licensed using the VPC metric.

IBM License Consumption Audit Report Generation

Now Flexera One ITAM IBM peak consumption reports contain the “Download the IBM audit report” option to generate and download IBM audit reports as a package for IBM sub-capacity licenses. Generate signed audit reports snapshot includes the following peak consumption report and out-of-date inventory devices count and percentage. Users can generate IBM audit reports from any consumption report. Generated snapshot package automatically includes all three peak consumption reports.

  1. IBM PVU License Consumption
  2. IBM Cloud Pak License Consumption
  3. IBM VPC License Consumption
  4. Report summary includes the out-of-date inventory devices count and percentage to provide visibility in devices that have contributed to the peak but have not reported inventory data from the last 10 days or more before the end of the current reporting period.

Download IBM audit report options







Extensions to IBM Consumption Reports

We have made a few extensions to IBM consumption reports data to provide more clarity into the license consumption contribution.

  1. Added “Change PVU per core” column to IBM PVU consumption report to provide visibility into whether the PVU point used for a device contributing to IBM PVU license peak is out of the box or custom added by a user.
  2. Out-of-date inventory device count and percentage to provide visibility of how many devices contributing to the peak have not reported inventory data from the last days or more before the end of the current reporting period.
  3. Added two new  reports IBM VPC License Consumption and IBM VPC License Current Consumption

Applies to

Flexera One ITAM

FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 release (Planned to be released in December 2022)