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Upgrade to Rhel 8.8

Hello ,

We currently have three different versions of the FlexNet Publisher for each daemons deployed on RHEL 7.9:

  • lmgrd v11.16.6.0 build 260203 x64_lsb
  • lmgrd v11.16.5.0 build 255225 x64_lsb
  • lmgrd v11.13.0.2 build 162702 x64_lsb

we seek clarification regarding the compatibility status of these versions of FlexNet Publisher with the new operating system  (RHEL 8.8)

Furthermore, we would like to inquire whether transitioning to RHEL 8.8 would need a complete reinstallation of FlexNet Publisher or if it would suffice to copy over the existing binaries to the new environment.


Best Regards,

Mohamed Mahmoud

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @Mohamed999 RHEL 8 support was added since 11.16.4 and a higher version of FNP.  RHEL 8.JPG

So the less version should be upgraded to any latest version of FNP to run on RHEL 8.  

-> FNP services need to be installed and then running the server with the same binaries would work. 

Best Regards,

Thanks @mrathinam for your prompt support

for the less version how can i upgrade it ,can i use it's vendor daemon with one of the updated FNP ?

for the other FNP that compatible with RHEL 8.8 how can i test it as i'm trying to test it with license file but get an error with command lmstat

No socket connection to license server manager. (-7,10015)

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Hi @Mohamed999  Can you please raise a support case for this issue? our support engineer will help to fix this issue. 

Best Regards,

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