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License renewal programmatically

Hi all!

We have the installed Flexnet Publisher server installed (lmadmin) in VM with Ubuntu. Also, we have lmcrypt utility to sign the increments in our license templates We want to automate the license file issuing using the script that we will create, it's not a problem. Otherwise, we don't want to place lmcrypt to the same VM - instead, we want to run  this script at another device. So, it means that the next action is to publish the generated license file to the license server.

May it be done using  web-interface, with standard POST requests? According to http logs, web server accepts POST /handlesignin request for authentication and POST /vendor for license update, but payload is not clear for me... in particular, I see checksum parameter in the request payload and don't know how to calculate it. I didn't find anything in documentation.

Of course, we may transfer the license file using SSH and import it calling lmadmin -import <license file> - but it's not the desirable option, web interface usage is preferable for us.

Thank you in advance!

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