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As software company it seems that we have to provide to our final Customer an authorization to use FNP in their context


We just received from one of our Customer this demand:

As part of the use of FlexLM for SEE Electrical Expert license management, we would need, for each application that needs to install FlexLM, written authorization from the software company supplier to be able to use the tool in a compliant manner FlexLM. FlexNet often does audits in companies. We ask all our software company supplier who request a FlexLM installation for written proof to present to FlexNet in the event of audits. Could you provide me with such a document regarding SEE Electrical Expert ?

Do you have a template document that we can provide to our final clients to present to your audit services ?

Thanks in advance

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Dear @jjardine 

Can you please open a support ticket mentioning the above details so we can review it with relevant team

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Case Number: 02842395 created

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Thanks for creating the case @jjardine , we will keep you updated with the details


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