Product Announcement: Change to Host History data retention (Updated)

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Latest Update (12-May-2022):

This event has been postponed until mid-July. We will update this post when a date is finalized. 

Original Post (May 03, 2022 04:23 PM):

In an effort to improve performance and product stability, we are making changes to the FlexNet Operations database. As part of these changes, in mid-July FlexNet Operations will retain the last 12 months of Host History data. 

To prepare our customers for the upcoming change, we’ve put together the following FAQs:

Who is impacted by this change?

These changes apply only to customers with hosts created from FlexNet Embedded licensing or Cloud Monetization APIs. 

What is Host History data?

The Host History data contains a history of device management events such as device creation, ownership changes, transfers, device status changes, and entitlement mapping events for standalone devices, served devices, and FlexNet Embedded local and cloud license servers.

What happens to the Host History data older than 12 months?

Host History data older than the rolling 12 months will be trimmed from the application database and will no longer be accessible in the FlexNet Operations user interface (Devices -> View Device History) and data extracts.

What if I need to access old Host History data?

Host History data is available in the FlexNet Operations Data Warehouse and can be queried using Reporter or data access RESTful APIs.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please reach out to Revenera Technical Support or your trusted Revenera contact for further assistance.