FlexNet Operations On-Premises 2021 R1 Ready for Download!

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We are happy to announce the release of FlexNet Operations On-Premises 2021 R1 release, which is available for download from the Product and License Center. This notification includes the release highlights and resources for FlexNet Operations On-Premises 2021 R1.


The following key features and enhancements were added to FlexNet Operations On-Premises as part of this release:

Account & User Management

New permissions have been added for more granular control over the user types a producer user can manage.

New system configurations have been added to:

  • Allow additional users to self-register for an existing self-registered account
  • Control end users’ ability to edit their account ID and account name in the end-user portal
  • Control end users’ ability to create customer and partner accounts in the end-user portal

Entitlement Management

Usability enhancements for the end-user portal Download Packages page.

Performance improvements made to the Entitlements page.

License Management

New system configurations have been added to:

  • Remove previous limits and allow batch-rehost for all available FlexNet Publisher fulfillments.
  • Allow for more than 1 tenant to be configured in the LFS component.

Device Management

Accounts can be removed from a device and the device site name can be modified after device creation.

Changes were applied to improve the Devices page load time.

Email Notification System

Notifications for the same product belonging to multiple line items within a single entitlement have been reduced to a single email notification during bulk entitlement upgrade.  

Email templates include the following enhancements:

  • New merge tag to include the recipient’s name in Entitlement and License email templates.
  • Enhanced support of account and user customer attributes in the Welcome, Entitlement, Entitlement Certificate, and Reset Password email templates.

Export and Import / Data Extracts

Users now have the flexibility to export a single or selected entitlements into a template for data import.

SOAP and REST Web Services

New batch-size limits for SOAP and REST web services requests have been implemented.

Additional Enhancements

  • FlexNet Operations Administrators can configure “Privacy Terms and Agreement” for self-registering users and set the Cloud Licensing Server (CLS) producer user password.
  • Producers can now provide the SHA2 Checksum when uploading files.
  • Improved searchability with the addition of quick search for devices on the producer portal homepage, search by contact email address for entitlements, and new search filters in the end-user portal.   
  • Improved login handling for domain users.
  • End-User portal localization enhancements include Custom Content IDs and additional language support.
  • Upgrades to libraries and third-party components.

For a more detailed list of changes and issue fixes in this release, please refer to the FlexNet Operations 2021 R1 On-Premises Release Notes on the Documentation site.

To download FlexNet Operations 2021 R1, navigate to the Product and License Center.

NOTE: A Revenera Community account is required to download from the Product and License Center. If you do not have an account, please see our community training videos below for guidance.


FlexNet Operations On-Premises 2021 R1 will follow our current end-of-life policy. Please see the FlexNet Operations end-of-life page for the product lifecycle timeline.

If you have any questions about this release or would like further assistance, please contact your Revenera account representative or our Revenera Technical Support team.