Date Discrepancy with Entitlement Data Extracts using 'Data Import Template' option

Date Discrepancy with Entitlement Data Extracts using 'Data Import Template' option


Entitlement line start and end date changes when Entitlement data is exported from ALM using the "Data Import Template" option.  For example, an entitlement line in the Producer Portal UI has a start date of 2018-11-7 and an end date of 2019-11-7.  When exporting entitlement data and choosing 'Data Import Template' , the exported Excel sheet shows the start date as 2018-11-6 and the end date as 2019-11-6 (both one day earlier than in the UI).

Replication Scenario:

-  Login to the Producer Portal (

-  Select 'List Entitlements by Order' from the Entitlements menu

-  Cursor over the Export drop down menu and select 'Data Import Template' (note the Job for Export and Import Background Jobs must be enabled)

-  Under the Administer drop down menu select Import/Export Status from the Data I/O section

-  Find your export job (likely the first one on the list) and once the status is completed, check the box and click the Download exported file button

-  Find and open the Excel file saved to your system

-  Compare the start and end dates for each entitlement line with what is displayed in the UI

-  The entitlement start and end dates in the Excel file are one day earlier than the dates displayed in the UI.



This is a known bug (FNO-56484).  Once a fix is determined, Revenera will provide a target date.

Until a fix is implemented, please be aware of the date discrepancy and adjust any affected processes and data accordingly.


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