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From Producer portal in Flexnet Operations I select - Entitlements -> List Entitlements -> Export -> All Items.

Then it gives me the message "

Request 33279 to export all line items and web register keys successfully submitted. An alert will be sent after the request is processed.


I then go to Administrator -> Import/Export status where I see a list of all my export requests. The first two from Feb 10 2022 and one from today (May 5, 2022). All of them have a "state" of "waiting". None have ever finished. 

Export might not be what I need, but it's as close as I can find. What I need to do is get a list of entitlements by date (created/used/etc.) so that I can reconcile and pay the 3rd party royalties for the software licenses I use in the product I license through Flexera. 

So I need help getting export to work or some other report that gives me the info I need. Please help!

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Revenera Moderator

Hi, @wjhyatt Thanks for the details, when I checked the export job like 32451, 32452 and 33279 all are in waiting states because the Export and Import Background Jobs are not enabled and active to complete this background job. 

Can you go to Administer -> under Alert -> Configure Alerts/Jobs -> Export and Import Background Jobs -> click Configure on the right-side button, and then select status from inactive to active and then set the schedule as per your requirement to run this job and then click Save. 

Once the job is triggered then all these waiting staus Job will complete one by one.

Best Regards,

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