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What Is the Oracle LMS Audit Evidence and What Permissions Are Required to Download It?

What Is the Oracle LMS Audit Evidence and What Permissions Are Required to Download It?


This article explains what Oracle LMS audit evidence is, what it's used for and what determines the output of the data displayed.


What is the Oracle LMS audit evidence and what permissions are required to download it?


Regardless of the inventory collection method selected for discovery and inventory, FlexNet Manager Suite collects Oracle LMS (License Management Services) data for every Oracle database instance. The LMS data has the details (grouped into CSV files) about the listed Oracle database instances. You can download and send this data to Oracle to satisfy an Oracle audit - as shown in the below screenshot inside the red box.

Oracle LMS audit evidence

This LMS data is collected using scripts provided by Oracle's LMS team. Flexera does not have any control over what the scripts query or the format of the CSV files which display the data.

If you wish to display the data in a different format, then other than speaking with Oracle directly, you can use our Report Builder to produce custom reports.

Additional Information

From FNMS 2017 R1 onwards, the data is displayed only for roles with the following permission:

Troubleshooting: advanced access and log downloads = "Allow"

Earlier versions of FNMS require the 'Normal' privilege for 'Inventory devices' in order to download the Oracle audit evidence.
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