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Oracle Instance names filtering in Password Store

Oracle Instance names filtering in Password Store


In order to filter accounts for Oracle Instances, please filter them by 'Oracle service names'.


When gathering Oracle inventory, FNMS connects via Oracle Listener. In this case, the device name is actually an oracle listener. Oracle listener can be configured to then connect to one or many Oracle Service Services. To connect to each service, FNMS uses the usernames/passwords stored in the password store. In other words, username/password created/configured are tied to an Oracle Service, not to an Oracle Listener, hence we recommend that the usernames/passwords in the password store are filtered by Oracle services.

When Listeners change, no changes are required in the password stores.

Note:Whenever a new instance is created, a username/password needs to be created/updated for FNMP to perform inventory gathering. So the Oracle DBA needs to do this and pass this information to FNMS administrator which then updates the password stores.
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