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How to manually download FlexNet Manager Suite On-premises content libraries

How to manually download FlexNet Manager Suite On-premises content libraries


This article provides instructions for manually downloading the Application Recognition Library (ARL), Product Use Rights Library (PURL) & Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) Library used by FlexNet Manager Suite.

Manually downloading these libraries may be useful in situations where the default configuration that automatically downloads and installs these libraries cannot be used for any reason, such as if a firewall restricts access from the FlexNet Manager Suite batch server to the Internet.


  1. Login to the Flexera Customer Community website ( using the Sign in link in the top right.
  2. Click Product Access in the menu bar and select Product and License Center.
  3. Locate FlexNet Manager Suite in one of the "To access downloads for these products" lists and click the LET'S GO! button below that list. This redirects you to the Product and License Center. 
    Note: You may be prompted to login again.
  4. The Your Downloads panel displays the list of the products you are licensed for: click FlexNet Manager Platform:
  5. On the Latest Versions tab (the default tab), click the FlexNet Manager Platform Content Libraries link.
  6. On the Files tab (the default tab), download each file separately by clicking on linked file name in the File Name column.

Note: The 'Desktop Product Use Rights Library vNNN' file is not required for FlexNet Manager Suite releases prior to FlexNet Manager Suite 2015.

Tip: The SKU Library download is named

Install downloaded content libraries

For full details on how to install content library files once they have been downloaded, see the "Manual Updates of Library Data" topic in the Installing FlexNet Manager Suite On-Premises PDF applicable to your version of FlexNet Manager Suite.

To locate this PDF,  go to the Flexera Product Documentation website and select your FlexNet Manager Suite version from the VERSION drop down list. The file will now be listed and available for you to download.

Sign up to receive notifications about content library updates

To receive email notifications regarding content library updates, subscribe to the FlexNet Manager Content Blog.

Additional information

Flexera Software Application Recognition Library (ARL) update process


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Unable to access library download page. It gives error.

Now I am able to download library files.

@ChrisG This manual process does not reference the "FlexNet Manager for Microsoft" (Adobe, Oracle, VMware, IBM) content libraries that are also available in the product and license center.

Does the, Purl,cab, and include those specific product libraries or do we need to be download those in addition to the 3 listed above?


For Information must be download from the product licence center 

Only and can be dowload using the URL described by @mfranz 

Correct. But there are specific libraries in the product and license center called "FlexNet Manager for Microsoft", "Flexnet Manager for Oracle", etc.

My question is are those libraries included in the and libraries or if we are following the manual process do we also need to be downloading those vendor specific libraries.

Yes understand, you must download from Product and Licence Center


Schroll down for more librariesSchroll down for more libraries

Scroll down for more libraries like VMWare

Publisher libraries are not included into who is only SKU library and who is only to link evidences with applications

What is included in

Right now we are seeing product use rights for Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, VMware, and Adobe using our current processof only downloading,, and

What I am trying to confirm is if we also need those other libraries and they are not included in the PURL-Desktop updates.


All other publishers available

You need to download all libraries








else your Evidences and applications into FNMS will not be complete

for information RecognitionAfter82 is update 1 or 2 time per week

others PURL are update every month

@didiercottereau is spot on here: you should download and install any CAB files that you have access to (what you have access to is based according to your license terms). The data in each CAB file is unique and separate from data in other CAB files.

@ChrisG does the automated download pull the extended CAB files? I’ve never seen those in the SKU folder in DataImports. Only ever seen the purl and purl-desktop cab files after the automated downloads complete

@dbeckner - yes, the automated download will download all the CAB files that you are licensed for. If some files aren't getting downloaded then that suggests the FlexNet Manager Suite license file you have installed likely doesn't include an entitlement for them.

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