Does FNMS collect usage data for Oracle Options

Does FNMS collect usage data for Oracle Options


Understanding if Oracle LMS script shows the last date when each DB option has been used, and how it has been used.


Does FlexNet Manager Suite show the last date when an Oracle Option has been used, and how it has been used?


FNMS uses Oracle LMS scripts (which cannot be shared as they are Oracle IP).

FNMS does not provide last used data or usage of an Oracle Option, it shows only that the Oracle Option is installed. If the Oracle Option is uninstalled, that information is not removed from reported Options in FNMS as FNMS stores the historical data for auditing purposes.
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Hi, so why does not FNMS have the possibility to filter on last usage, that would help us to track non authorized usage of options and react on that by contacting DBA or by uninstalling.

@Enarson  - I think the information in this article is out of date or unclear. FlexNet does gather and report on details of which Oracle Database options have been used, as this is critical information for calculating license consumption. Only options which have been actually used require a license, while options which are installed but not used do not require a license.

Hi, true, in consumption report only the ones with USED = YES is calculated.

But still, where to find last usage for e.g. Advanced Compression while being used in Export.

For a db with yes in used I can find the following in DBA_FEATURE_USAGE_STATISTICS

"Oracle Utility Datapump (Export) invoked: 1 timescompression used: 1 times

Can FNMS support me in finding when it was used?

@Enarson - Oracle (and FlexNet) will look at a wide range of different data to detect usage of different options. The specific data checked varies from one option to the next. Records in DBA_FEATURE_USAGE_STATISTICS indicating CurrentlyUsed=True is one key source of data, but not the only source.

Specifically for Advanced Compression: Features that indicate usage of this option include ‘Data Guard’, ‘Backup ZLIB Compression’, ‘Backup HIGH Compression', 'Backup LOW Compression', 'Backup MEDIUM Compression', 'SecureFile Compression (user)', 'SecureFile Deduplication (user)', 'Oracle Utility Datapump (Export)' and ‘Heat Map’. Advanced compression would also be deemed to be used if any database objects are compressed (eg. tables, partitions, sub partitions etc).

In cases where questions where asked, why a specific feature would be marked as used, I found it usefull to have a look into the ndi file. E.g. Compression being used with data pump ican be found in there quite easily. Example:

Oracle Utility Datapump (Export) invoked: 488 times, compression used: 1 times (BASIC algorithm used: 1 times, LOW algorithm used: 0 times, MEDIUM algorithm used: 0 times, HIGH algorithm used: 0 times)


Hello everyone,

Do you know if we can report somehow on details coming from LMS?

I am particularly interested in seeing what options are enabled on particular servers, however I don't see it being imported to any tables.

Kind regards,


@JanPie - you can access the raw data gathered by LMS scripts by clicking on the Oracle LMS evidence archive > Download the archive option on the Discovery & Inventory > Oracle Instances page. LMS data itself is pretty low level though (it feels like it is designed for Oracle to understand, not you!), so you may need help from Oracle to understand it if you aren't intimately familiar with the LMS data yourself.

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