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Feasibility to add 2 condition for matching in Business adapter

for license allocation to a user in business adapter matching on user id, the user id is being matched on account id but this environment returns 2 ids and domain id are different as such to match properly, how to include second condition of domain id in matching mode for business adapter.

On checking the box to Use this property to match  to both account id and domain id , the BA rejects the row items 

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You will need an input file that has the User Account Name and the full Domain Name (such as "" and the license name.  Then, you will need to add the "ComplianceDomain" object to your adapter for matching the domain name column from your CSV/Excel file to the Qualified Name field.  Here is the tricky bit, the ComplianceDomain object assumes you are getting Domain Name from Active Directory LDAP, and by default tries for format your input domain name.  Since you are reading from a direct file, you must get rid of this built-in formatting under the Data Transformation settings, otherwise your Adapter will not find a match to an existing Domain Name.  See my attached screen shot.  All of the highlighted fields must be blanked out.

Now, once you have properly configured the ComplianceDomain object for matching, you can add the User object and match on the DomainID and the Account Name from your CSV/Excel to the Account Name in the User object.

You can then allocate the matched user to the license and create the Allocation.

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