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FNMS WebUI login details over log

Hi All,

How to know the person or the account who is logging into Flexera from logs to findout if there is anyone logged in and made certain changes which might affect the Application at some point of time.

I remember seeing the webui log in the compliance logging part of the Web App server but I believe there should be some tag which need to enabled for this activity to be tracked in the log.

Could someone help me in understanding that setting to enable so that I can track who is logging into our Application and check with them for possible changes they made to revert for the issues?

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 You can obviously enable further webUI logging as per How to troubleshoot unexpected errors and red error bar messages in the FlexNet Manager Suite Web UI using webui.log (and FlexNet Manager Suite Logging Reference) but I don't think that this will provide the audit logging you're looking for (if I interpret your question correctly...)

However, you may be able to combine the logging with the solution activity logging within the system, including user activity. Data objects (e.g. Contracts, licenses, Assets, etc.) have a "History" tab that includes an audit trail of changes to the record. A change history record is created with a description of the change, who made it, and when.


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