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Automated Report Delivery - FNMS Reports Index

Hi - I was wondering if anyone had experience with automated delivery of reporting out of FlexNet Management Suite?  We do have a Cognos connection but unfortunately I am completely lost in trying to build reports in Cognos.  

Ultimately I'd like to just find a way to schedule an automated delivery of a .csv of a report i generated out of "reports index". 

We are on FNMS .


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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

If you are comfortable with scripting (using PowerShell or something of that nature), then an approach to doing this that doesn't involve Cognos is:

  1. Extract data from the FlexNet database - this could be done using a web API to run a pre-configured report (like is described here), or by a direct SQL query to the database.
  2. Write a script to deliver the extracted data using whatever mechanism you prefer (e.g. save it to a file on a file share, email it, ...)
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Thanks Chris. Sounds like it's time for me to start learning SQL. Smiley Happy