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Change Title

IBM Aspera Product / Edition Name Changes

Class 2

Customers should be aware and be prepared

Change Summary

IBM Aspera product names will be changed to remove references to Speed (Gbps, Mbps) in the Product name, and instead the Speed information will be added into the Edition.  This is to facilitate better management of Aspera applications in the Upgrade/Downgrade tab 

For example the following Aspera product will be renamed as follows:




This change will impact the ARL, SKU and PURL Libraries and will impact  customers who have IBM Aspera discovered in their environment.

Customers are required to update both ARL and SKU/PURL libraries, which will be released on 26th Feb, to avoid any impacts. For existing license models, customer will see additional applications in  "Application covered under Upgrade and Downgrade" which is expected.

Existing licenses and processed purchases should not be affected by this change

The Aspera products in scope for change are in the attachment


These changes are expected to take place during the weekend release ARL, SKU/PURL/Bundles of February 26th 

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By Level 4 Flexeran
Level 4 Flexeran
This is done. 
As part of 2586 build released on 26th February 2021