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Content Change Notification: Changes in the use of Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) evidences for recognition

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Classification - Class 2 Change Notification

Oracle Universal Installer Evidences (OUI) are a cause for false positives.

FlexNet Manager, for licensing purposes, cannot trust OUI data for Oracle Options (that are collected by the Oracle Inventory scripts and are set as used after multiple queries).

As of the ARL Update of December 24th, OUI installer evidences will be intentionally ignored. You will be able to see the raw evidences from the Inventory Devices (or unrecognized evidences devices tab), but these evidences will no longer trigger application recognition for Oracle Options.

Regarding Oracle Database, OUI evidences will also leave false positives (when the database are upgraded, for instance) and cause many “unspecified editions” installations. 


Considering that OUI evidence could still be a sign that the Oracle inventory failed for all instances on a server, the precedence rules for Oracle will be modified the following way: 


  1. Oracle Unspecified will be removed by any later Oracle Database Standard or Enterprise Edition version. Thus, all false positives due to upgrades will be removed.
  2. If Oracle Installer says Oracle Database is installed, but the instance is inventoried on the server, Oracle Unspecified Edition installation will warn on a possible Oracle Inventory issue.


OUI Evidence spreadsheet is attached for reference.


Level 6

Thank you this is a great update! What about situations where the OUI evidence is the only evidence that the agent is detecting for Oracle Database?

We have had several cases like this where Oracle DB is not truly installed, there is no DB instance, but the agent detects OUI evidence for Oracle DB and says Oracle DB Unspecified Edition is installed. Given that Oracle Processor licenses are counted at the cluster level for VMware, these cases can cause huge swings in license compliance. It sounds like these will not be addressed by this update, but can you confirm?

Level 6

It seems though that because ARL evidence is set to Any and Local evidence will bring in OUI Installer evidence, that will automatically get joined to the Flexera evidence, regardless.  How do we stop OUI evidence from coming in through inventory?