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How do I make sure my implementation of revenera embedded is correct?

Hi Revenera,

I have an application which we want to deploy as in-premise application. Now I have implemented something like this I have created a service which will be deployed as part of our application. We will give the customer our license server URL and he can configure it inside the service config. When he starts the application and starts using features everytime he tries to create an entity the other service will ask my service if he has one feature of that entity available I will use the sdk to communicate with the CLS to check if the feature count is available. if cls allows it I send that downstream as it is. Now the thing I wanna know is right now the only thing that I give the customer is the license server url. How can I use activation id to add process of activation of license in my flow?

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Revenera Moderator Revenera Moderator
Revenera Moderator

Hi @yashdeephinge ,

When using a Cloud License Server, you typically will only need to provide customers with their Cloud  License Server IDs / URLs.  Do you also want the customer to have to go through an Activation (Registration) process prior to obtaining licenses from the Server?  If there is a registration option that can be enabled.  Refer to this video in the Learning Center for additional details:



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