Difference between x64 and xt-c-x64 variants of linux library

I'm just starting to learn about FlexNet Embedded and how to integrate it into my product. I downloaded 2 packages for the linux libraries of FlexNet Embedded: flexnet_client-x64_linux-2021.09.0 and flexnet_client-xt-c-x64_linux-2021.09.0

I'm trying to understand when I use one vs the other.

I'm also looking for any high level block diagrams which would help me get a better understanding of how these things fit together. The user guide is great, but reading through it gets difficult when it starts abstracting out pieces, and I have no initial picture in my mind of how to think about things such as what a licensing server can be/where it lives or what an identity file means to me. Is there any basic introduction course or documentation that I'm missing?


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