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Client consuming both capability responses from FNO and a floating license server

In our use-case it's important that a client can be "filled" with licenses via a capability responses downloaded from FNO and uploaded to the device. However for some apps it's also crucial that they should be capable of receiving floating licenses from a configured floating license server. I'm using the client C SDK (porting toolkit). I have several questions reqarding this:

  1. Is this technically feasible / doable - to obtain licenses from both FNO (manually) and a floating license server.
  2. In case I want to "return" (or let's say not renew the licenses that are currently automatically renewed), how would my capability request have to look like?
    1. How do I determine which server instance I wan't to send the capa request to... does the capa request only contain the license that I do not want to renwea anymore (return)?
  3. How can I distinguish that it is a floating license coming from a license server (!=FNO) via the C-SDK?
    1. Is the server instance ID of FNO always 0?
    2. Is the server instance ID of servers always starting from one and then up?
    3. ... any other ideas?
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